Tuesday, December 20, 2011

80 And Still Swingin'

Another fun cupcake run! Kara and I had the pleasure of making 80 mini cup cakes for our dear friend Charles Reynolds 80th birthday party. Charles has been one of our biggest fans growing up. He has dabbled in many activites over the years, military, raising a beautiful family,farming and teaching, traveling and music, tractors and wood working, golfing and writting, feeding the birds. He turned his farm into his own personal golf course which is where we got our inspiratiin for these cupcakes. He is a beautiful soul and we are proud to call him friend!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lindsey and Jordan Chadwell

So, our little sisters best friend got married the other weekend and she asked us to do the honors of decorating her cake for her! Of course I jumped on it cause that part is so much fun! I have to admit I did not actually bake this cake or ice it...I merely put the flowers and finishing touches on it, with help from my Mom and sister Jen. The cake was supplied by our local Walmart. (I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was!)

 Anyhow, Jordan, the groom, loves, loves, LOVES baseball so the topper was a really fun and personal touch for them! It turned out fabulous as did the wedding!! As my incredibly adorable daughter Ellie says, it was "the best wedding EVER"!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Willem Kade Melear

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My Sisters Idea of a good time...

Hi!  My name is Jen and I have created this site for my sister Kara.  She is an amazing cake decorator and I thought a site that gave kuddos to her creations was called for.

How did Kara get started?  A cake class for Christmas.  I'm not really sure on the details of why or how this idea came up but I do know that mom bought her cake making classes in Pueblo, CO.  She practice on her precious three kids and everyone else in the family as their birthdays, anniversaries and other events came around.  There was always a reason to bake a cake, Aunties coming to town, Brothers big soccer game, you name it, there was cake.

Then her brother-in-law got married and asked her to make their wedding cake.  Not to start out too small or anything but it was 5 tiers with fondant, ribbon and flowers.  I flew down to watch the kids while she mixed and baked and covered cakes for 3 days.  We literally peiced it together at the reception hall and bolted for the ceremony, changed in the parsonage and barely made it in the doors before the bride.  (actually, she waited for us)  Kara's work was so admired that a friend at the wedding asked if she would do her wedding cake, but not so big.  I'm not sure if there is actually a picture of the second one as I did not make it to Colorado for that wedding and I am usually the one holding the camera.

The next year my baby sister got married and Kara and Rusty moved their family to Alaska.  Margaret asked Kara to do the cake and she hummed and hahhed and fussed and finally said yes.  Understand that it takes a couple of days to do one justice and with 3 kids (and one in the oven) as well as being a bridesmaid she had her reasons to hesitate.  Needless to say she pulled off one of her best ever...she looked like a pro and presented what would be to come her signature cake in Alaska.  4 weddings followed in quick succession that summer all from Margaret's wedding.

Since then, her cakes have appeared in Alaska Bride&Groom Magazine and may pop up on theknot.com (at least they bought the rights to the photo).  I will post photos here of cakes past and cakes future.  If you are interested in hiring Kara to make your next occasion cake please email her at queen_kara@yahoo.com